Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 Summary!

Hey hey! As usual, sorry it's been so long. But I swear I've been way too busy! I am still doing my PhD, but I've also had a new full-time job since October! It's in Bath, so I commute on the train each day (over an hour each way!). So forgive me if this post is little rushed (not even a map, I'm afraid!).

What happened in 2012!? So much. Can you remember my band Ocean Red? Well I played another 6 gigs with them (bringing my total to 11) and we even recorded our own single with a video!!! Check it out:

How cool is that! Anyway, after a series of events, we have unfortunately broken up now. But I'm still so into music! I'm enjoying my guitar, piano and singing so much, and I even recorded/mixed my own song with Speed! Check it out!!!:

Pretty rough, I know, but I had loads of fun making it and can't wait to make more!!

Later in the year I moved into a flat with Lucy! It's lush and right in the centre of town. We've been getting along great! Haven't even argued! It's coming up to our 4 year anniversary, omg!! Here's our flat:

As I said, I'm still finishing my PhD, but I feel more positive about it now! I am far less stressed now I have a nice job to fall back on. Working on the train is better than I thought! I'm very focused! I sure miss seeing my PhD buddies everyday though. Here's a cool presentation I did for them in the summer:

Here's the selection of holidays I went on:

Peak District with Lucy: we had a lot of fun considering we picked the middle of nowhere! There wasn't much to do but it was relaxing :-)
Barcelona with May and Speed: Finally a nice sunny holiday, it felt like ages since I had been on a beach! Unfortunately we fell out a bit at the end, which I was sad about, but we're all better now. 
Pembrokeshire with Lucy: Kinda similar to the Peak District, I guess! Not amazing but it was nice to chill out and we went on lots of nice walks. 

Blissfields Festival with friends: It's the second time I've been and I hope to go again!! Such a great atmosphere and nice weather. Great friends, too!
Brighton with Lucy: This was part of a road trip! Did I tell you Lucy passed her driving test?? We saw lots of things including a tropical rainforest (indoors!). 

I saw some fab gigs! I saw Blink 182, 6 years after I first saw them! Saw Brand New again, saw Ben Howard. Saw Jack Dee, very funny! And The Lion King show was great!

And how could I forget to tell you I got surgery on my arm to get that weird thing off! ...I know, I'm so vein aren't I (get it!!). Here's the before/after:

It's healed up a lot more since then though!

Great talking to you blog. I still think about you a lot, even though I don't have time to post. Hope you're keeping well. On to 2013!!!

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